Metal Balustrades, Lace and Freize

Paddington Lace can both advise on design and supply and install new reproduction Victorian Era non ferrous metal balustrades and friezes. Additionally, we can also arrange for the restoration and reinstatement of your existing cast iron lace work (should this be practical).

The reproduction lace work utilised in our projects is sand cast from moulds taken from original cast iron; and as such it is virtually indistinguishable from the original panels and friezes. Some designs still bear the actual patent registration numbers and original manufacturing foundry’s name  from the 1800’s.

It is important to note that the sand cast product, which we will always only ever recommend, differs greatly in regards to superior visual authenticity when compared to other low quality alternative die cast products.

Another advantage of non ferrous casting is that often missing and damaged cast iron lace work can easily be duplicated by using an existing balustrade panel, frieze or sample as a mould. In this way a unique pattern or uncommon cast iron design can be retained and restored in full.

Reproduction metal balustrades are inherently much lighter than cast iron (reducing loads) and its inability to rust makes it extremely long lasting, maintenance free, and an ideal base material for painting.

Both the reproduction metalwork, or restored cast iron, is cost effectively supplied in a wide selection of highly durable powder coat colours and finishes. This also facilitates quick installation times and eliminates the inconvenience,  cost and time involved with on-site or in-situ painting.


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