terrace house balcony balustrade restoration cast iron frieze lace

Balustrade and Frieze

Paddington Lace can arrange restoration and reinstatement of your existing cast iron lacework; (depending on its condition and feasibility). In most instances however, it is often more cost effective to supply and install new high quality,  sand cast,  reproduction metal balustrade and friezes. All reproduction balustrades comply with the current The Building Code of Australia requirements for legal minimum height.

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Tiling Services

When undertaking a facade restoration project, we can provide the services of an extensively heritage experienced tradesperson to install high quality tessellated tiling to verandahs and entry stairs with their associated slate or marble surrounds and thresholds.

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terrace house painting restoration sydney

Painting, Colours and Detailing.

In order to ensure a durable high quality result, whenever possible, we prefer to engage our own reputable painting contractors for the facade restoration. For our clients, this ensures that their project is not only completed in a timely manner, but is also professionally finished to a high standard of workmanship. The correct paint detailing of any decorative and ornate features further enhances the quality of the building work and its overall aesthetics.

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building services

Balcony Reconstruction and Restoration.

Our construction and carpentry services typically include:

  • Previously enclosed balconies restored to original open form.
  • Structural beam and general timber decay rectification.
  • Balcony flooring replacement.
  • New traditional style timber window and door joinery supplied and installed.

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