Pearl Street Newtown

This terrace house balcony had the not uncommon problem of decaying primary structural timber members; necessitating its total reconstruction.

Also very apparent was the presence of light weight / low quality (die cast) reproduction balustrade and frieze lacework. This had been installed by others previously; replacing the original cast iron lacework, which may have been partially missing, damaged or was in a poor condition. Such low quality, die cast lace work is noticeably non traditional and unaesthetic in appearance.

The new balcony structure was rebuilt utilising primed preservative treated timbers with traditional chamfer detailing and ornamental mouldings dressing the main beam. The reinstatement of such detailing is an element often overlooked by less experienced or professional contractors. A new clear oiled, durable hardwood tongue and groove flooring was laid; replacing the previously unattractive and weathered pine decking.

The new reproduction lace work consisted of a very popular sand cast heritage pattern; which closely replicates the look of cast iron. Lacework utilised in projects by Paddington Lace are sand cast from moulds taken from original cast iron; and in some designs, the actual registration dates are still apparent. (circa 1870, cast iron designs by the various foundries in each State were patented.)

Also of note, the terrace’s un-plastered and vine encrusted painted brick walls, were in a very poor condition; requiring extensive preparation by our painting contractors. Access to the terrace’s parapet wall, above the balcony roof, was only possible by installation of a substantial and professionally erected scaffold to this height across the facade.

Complimenting the restoration work, the client’s selection of a simple, light and neutral colour scheme, both visually lifts and increases the apparent size of the terrace, whilst also dramatically highlighting its new satin black decorative ornate lacework.


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