Junction Street Woolahra

This project involved the complete demolition and reconstruction of the entire balcony due to severe decay of its primary structural beams.

Such often “latent” decay is not uncommon and can easily go unnoticed; gradually worsening with time and weather exposure. Common indicators of such include sagging or unlevel main structural support beams, or balustrade panels becoming loose or dislodged. Due to the extreme severity of the decay, this balcony had consequently begun to drop at one end; and this quickly became apparent upon the cast iron balustrade panels beginning to fall out. This alone is very hazardous; particularly given the proximity of the public footpath. Even more so, the balcony had a very real potential to collapse under load.

Rectification involved demolition and subsequent replacement of all its structural members; utilising suitable preservative treated timbers. The timbers beams were reinstated exactly as per the original framing members; and included details such as traditional chamfering, and ornate mouldings to the outer main beam.

To maintain authenticity and match the adjoining terrace, the existing original cast iron friezes and balustrade were retained, restored and powder coated. The rejuvenated balustrade was then adapted and reinstalled to comply with current Building Code legal requirements for a minimum handrail height of 1 metre.

The restoration was further enhanced by repainting of the terrace’s facade in a neutral colour scheme. This highlighted its ornate decorative features; and was undertaken by our recommended heritage experienced painting contractors.


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