Chelmsford Street Newtown

This terrace restoration project involved the complete reconstruction of its seriously structurally compromised timber balcony.

In addition to the decay of its primary structural beam, the particularly wide balcony was supported centrally by timber columns at both ground and balcony levels. The extent of deterioration of these columns was such that there was the potential for the balcony to collapse.

To retain authenticity, it was decided that the original cast iron balustrade and friezes would be restored. Any existing cast iron lace, that was either missing or damaged, was replicated by utilising undamaged sections as moulds for recasting. Once powder coated, any recast elements are virtually undetectable from the original cast iron. The restored balustrade was subsequently reinstalled; with it’s height being slightly raised to comply with current Building Code Regulations.

In order to duplicate the original balcony, prior to the reconstruction, precise details were recorded of all structural members intended to be demolished and any other ornamental features. The original timber posts, in particular, were subtly tapered; and bore an unusual traditional hand-carved “lambs tongue chamfer” detail. This was subsequently duplicated on the new replacement preservative treated columns.

In consultation with our colour consultant, the clients selected a heritage sympathetic colour scheme. This was subsequently applied by our own highly heritage experienced painting contractors.

Additionally, the terrace’s aesthetics (and value) was further enhanced by the clients decision to completely renew the existing deteriorating roofing in traditional slate tiles.


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