Wyalong Street Burwood

This terrace’s facade was generally very dilapidated and in a state of neglect. Additionally, and not uncommonly, the balcony had also been previously enclosed in order to increase available floor space.

Upon close examination, it was discovered that the balcony’s primary structural beam was found to be severely decayed (near collapse); and this necessitated it’s complete rebuilding. Such latent decay (and termite damage) is very common and can be extremely hazardous if left undetected and rectified.

After reconstruction,  sand cast reproduction balustrade and friezes were installed. The new metalwork also included the installation of fluted, load bearing columns at both ground and balcony levels.

Two existing windows, that provided only very restricted and inconvenient access onto the balcony, were replaced with two new sets of custom made, glazed, timber French Doors with new cedar shutters. The new joinery doors were constructed with traditional “gunstock” stiles; and fitted with black porcelain door furniture to enhance authenticity.

In conjunction with our colour consultant, the client selected a more traditional colour palette. After extensive wall plaster repairs and preparation, the new colour scheme was subsequently professionally applied by our recommended painting contractors; who are highly experienced in heritage and restoration work.

Apart from enhancing overall aesthetics, the restoration of the terrace’s facade, not only made the balcony structure safe and usable, but also dramatically increased light transmission into the upper bedroom.


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